About us

Pebble Exhibitions is a growing enterprise, offering a complete package for any exhibition requirement.


Pebble was founded in response to a need for a more holistic approach to exhibition management. 
We offer an engaged, professional service which, because we are small, allows us to foster a bespoke and flexible relationship with our clients.

We have a core team of individuals and handpicked affiliates, enabling us to supply clients with the right expertise for every project.

We have a passion for great art and want to help our clients showcase their work in the best possible way.
We believe in the highest standards of installation management and safety, coupled with a personal and consultative approach. 

Pebble are keen to be involved in the early stages of any project, and help clients to realise their vision.
Managing all aspects of your installation, from planning, through to your private view we will provide and coordinate all of the services that you need to stage a world class exhibition.


Pebble's founder, Jon Stonton, has worked extensively as a project manager for a wide variety of clients, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any venture.

Jon has over 10 years of experience working within the arts sector. Having always been actively engaged with the appreciation and study of art, he also has a life-long background in practical and design based work. Jon has experience of both primary and secondary market as well as private clients; having worked with galleries both large and small, auction houses, designers, events companies, and fabricators.


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Pebble Exhibitions

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