Need some help?

Whether it's a recently acquired masterpiece or your prized family photo's, it's important that it looks great.


Pebble Exhibitions can supply you with professional and experienced technicians to help make the display of your art impressive and secure.


Many of our technicians have a background in the visual arts and, if required, would be happy to assist with the placement of your works.


We will ensure that any work is handled correctly, with the proper materials and precautions. We will always consult with you first to assertain details of the works and understand your expectations. 


We appreciate that being invited into your home comes with a responsibility. Which is why we will only provide you with technicians who are knowledgeable and couteous. We will take measures to protect your furnishings and belongings and always tidy up after ourselves!


If you would like to discuss how we can assist you, or are just looking for an opinion, please get in touch by phone or email.

Pebble Exhibitions

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